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In late 2012, an internet meme in Finland sparked a conversation about how computer magazines in the 21st century could be so much more. Most of the magazines that still exist contain mostly advertising, product reviews and other commercial fluff. We longed for the time (up to the early 90s) when computer magazines were focused on learning, understanding computers and software, and most importantly: nurturing creativity. They had a mission to distribute information, to teach people cool things you can do with computers, and to tell them how to get the most of what they already had, rather than just being a catalog of what advertisers wanted people to buy.

We thought it was time to quit complaining about the status quo and roll up our sleeves, so we started our own magazine. Skrolli was born, and our first issue came out in February 2013. Since then, we’ve put out four issues per year without a hitch and reached a stable subscriber base of about 2,000 people in Finland.

Just before Christmas 2015, we launched a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo to fund an international issue in English. Our goal is $15,000, and with time left until mid-February, we are about halfway there! If you want to see Skrolli become a thing in English, go ahead and preorder a copy. 🙂

Skrolli is made by a small group of people as a hobby project. We don’t really get paid to do this and we have separate day jobs. We believe the world deserves better computer journalism, and we just want to see that happen.

For an overview of what we’ve published so far, we have an English table of contents of all our back issues.

More about Skrolli in English:

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