Skrolli is a mainly volunteer-based computer culture magazine. The magazine has an on-going Finnish edition, simply known as Skrolli. We also published English issues in 2016 and 2017 – the Skrolli International Edition.

The magazine focuses on subjects that are disregarded in the mainstream media, such as DIY culture, hardware hacking, and the different subcultures of computer users.

It wants to dig deeper into the subjects it covers, and encourages understanding products instead of merely consuming them. Despite this, the magazine also wants to address the general public – the stories are written for everyone to enjoy and require no special background knowledge.

We have published dozens of issues of the magazine. Four issues of the Finnish language magazine are published annually, and they are sold at newsagents all around Finland. Two of our issues have been International Edition magazines in English and we have produced an English sample issue as well.

The printed format was selected in part to create stories that can stand the test of time; as a physical object, the magazine can be preserved, read over and over again, and passed on. We wish to create a magazine that people want to return to. Our publishing schedule is light to ensure that each issue is carefully put together.

Skrolli is very much a social online project. It was born from an Internet meme, its editors and supporters hold an open dialogue online, and everyone is invited to participate. To keep the process running smoothly, a group of approximately ten active members of the community have been selected to work as the editorial staff.

For the Skrolli International Edition, click here. For more information about the Finnish edition of Skrolli, see in Finnish.

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